Barney's Great Adventure

Other mistake: When Cody stole Barney and was running from Abigail and Marcella he hid in the closet, but the girls thought he went to the attic. When he came out of the closet the door made a creaking noise. If the noise was made when he went in, then the girls would have known he was in the closet rather than thinking he went to the attic.

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Continuity mistake: In the beginning, when the kids are riding to their grandparents', at first their father is driving the car. After passing the Apple Day Festival, their mother is suddenly driving.

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Collecter: Ah that's my new ballast I just picked up, gotta keep the old ship steady you know.
Marcella: Yeah but some how our egg got mixed up with your ballast. What's a ballast?

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Trivia: This was the last feature-length motion picture produced by Lyrick Studios before it was folded into HIT Entertainment in 2001.

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Question: Did any of the human characters in this movie appear in any episode of the Barney franchise before or after the film was released?

Answer: None of the human characters have appeared in any other Barney production.

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