Camp Rock

Tess frames Mitchie and Caitlyn to make it look like they stole a charm bracelet and makes Mitchie tell everybody that the only reason she's at camp rock isnt because she has a rich family, its because her mom works in the kitchen. Shane overhears her and gets mad at Mitchie because he thinks she used him. Mitchie and Caitlyn get banned from camp rock until the end of the "final jam". Shane and his brothers are Judging the Final Jam and Shane still hasnt found out who was singing "the song" earlier in the movie. Peggy and Ella breakaway from Tess' group and decide to be in their own acts insted of singing back up. Tess goes on stage alone and sees her mother. She starts singing and almost falls of the stage. Her mother gets up and leaves. Tess runs backstage and the middle of her song and starts crying. Peggy sings her first song without Tess making her sing back up. Final Jam ends and shane goes to choose the winner. Mitchie goes on stage and starts singing "the song" and it leads to a duet between her and shane. Tess apologizes to Mitchie and the whole group comes back on stage to sing the final number "we rock".


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