The X-Files: I Want to Believe

Corrected entry: In the scene where Scully visits Father Joe to ask him why he told her not to give up, she's wearing two different pairs of earrings.

Correction: Just watched this scene, looking for different earrings. They are the same during the whole scene; a pair of pearl earrings on a ring, which sometimes dangle, sometimes are tight against her earlobes. They are definitely the same pair, though.

Corrected entry: In the scene after Mulder shaves his beard, he has toilet paper covering a knick on his cheek. The camera cuts away and then back to Mulder. The toilet paper is gone along with any indication he cut himself.

Correction: Agent Dakota Whitney wipes the paper off his face and the nick is so small it would not be seen.

Corrected entry: Toward the end, when Scully and Skinner reach the cabin where Mulder was about to get beheaded, how did they get there by car? The snowplow was blocking the road to the point where even Mulder, while on foot, had to squeeze his way past to continue up the road.

Correction: Maybe there was another road to the secret lab. Or perhaps the plow was moved by a tow truck shortly after Mulder retrieved the hammer. Skinner even could have passed the truck if it were still there by going off road slightly, which wouldn't be difficult, given the size and weight of his SUV.

Corrected entry: During two scenes in which the "Russian" scientists are talking, one of the voices is of a woman who is speaking Czech. She says "Co mame d&283;lat?" (What should we do?) Although it is of course possible that one of the scientists would be Czech, the comment is interjected in the middle of a Russian conversation, and it is very unlikely that she would be understood as Russian and Czech are not close enough to be mutually understood.

Correction: Being an ex-military linguist specializing in East European languages, I have to say the languages are close to gain basic understanding. They are both Slavic languages. With out the stress marks (the site seems to wig out)Czech: Co mam delat?Russian: (transliterated)Chto nam dyelat?They way we always identified Serbo-Croatian? the Czech linguist understood most, but was sure it was Russian. The Russian linguist understood most, but was sure it was Czech. Boom! Send it to the Serbo-Croat linguist.


Corrected entry: When Mulder is making a call to Scully, there is a short shot in which the screen of his phone is shown as he browses through his contacts. He selects "Gillian", and calls.

Correction: Mulder was trying to scroll down the list and drive at the same time and was in the accident BEFORE he could dial out. As an aside, in addition to Scully's name, the three names on his read out are X-Files crew members. First is Bowman (Rob Bowman was a director for the show and he directed the first film,) next came Scully, then GILLIGAN (Vince Gilligan was a writer on the show,) and finally Shiban (John Shiban was a producer from '97 until the show ended.)

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Father Joe says "You brought me to the wrong house", which seems to be a proof of his psychic abilities. However, one does not need to be a psychic to notice the neighboring house all covered with yellow tape reading "CRIME SCENE DO NOT CROSS."



I just wanted to say to people, don't stop watching when the credits start to roll! Everyone I've spoken to has walked away when the credits come up; stick around just a few minutes more for a little something extra.