Get Smart

Revealing mistake: When Max and 99 climb onto the SUV to try and get on board the plane, 23 trips Max who then knocks 99 off her feet. As she falls, you can see the black cable used to keep the stunt woman from falling off the SUV.

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Revealing mistake: Obvious digital flames on the exterior shots of the SUV when it is on fire. The most noticeable spot is the front windscreen, where the "flames" can be seen to have no depth.

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Revealing mistake: Max and Agent 23 are fighting in the car scene near the end of the film, and Max is hanging out of the car door. In some of the shots from Agent 23's POV, you can see that it is a stuntman instead of Steve Carell hanging out the car door.

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Revealing mistake: When Maxwell drives the red Sunbeam Tiger out of CONTROL's foyer, you can see the added skid pan underneath the car to protect it as it jumps down the steps.

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Revealing mistake: In the final SUV chase/fight scene it is visible that the SUV is in park while they are driving.



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Maxwell Smart: Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
The Chief: I don't know. Were you thinking "Holy shit, holy shit! A swordfish almost went through my head"? Because if you are, then we're on the same page.



During CONTROL's paintball training session, a barrel view of a bullet exiting the gun is shown as it travels to its target. However, the entire bullet is shown, casing and all, instead of just the bullet.



At one point in the movie, when the Chief is talking to the President, the President says "nucular weapons" once or twice. Frustrated, the Chief says something to the effect of, "For the last time, it's nuclear." This is an obvious jab at President George W. Bush, who was notorious for invariably saying "nucular" instead of "nuclear" when giving speeches.