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Corrected entry: When the boy, Jared, is shot in the head at point-blank range from a shuttered window, slow-advance reveals: The rifle muzzle moves near Jared's head for several frames; then a digitally-inserted muzzle flash appears behind Jared's head for one frame; followed by one completely blank white frame; followed by one frame of digitally-inserted gun smoke behind Jared's head. Jared's head does not move or react in any way to the gunshot, and his head is completely intact throughout this lightning-fast bit of digital editing. Of course, by the time we see the gun smoke, the bullet should have already passed completely through the boy's head, and we would certainly see his physical reaction and the mortal injury. The two frames containing the muzzle flash and the gun smoke appear to be identical still frames of Jared's profile, retouched in a simple photo-editor, and completely lacking any gore.

Charles Austin Miller

Correction: Per the rules of the site, anything requiring slow motion to see isn't a mistake.

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: Near the end of the film, the group arrives at the home of Mrs. Jones, a rather eccentric hermit. They are carrying no luggage, supplies, or anything that I can see. Mrs. Jones' wardrobe appears to be out of another era (indeed, the film goes to extremes to discuss how isolated from the world she is) and she is not the same size as any of the three characters who arrive at her home. The next morning, however, all three have different, modern-day clothing.

Correction: Right when the lady walks into the house, you can see the girls in the background holding their bags.

Corrected entry: Throughout the entire movie, whenever Elliot's mood ring is visible, regardless of the level of stress he's under, his ring is always navy blue, which denotes calm and happiness.

Correction: That's because mood rings don't really work. They are based on a theory that body temperature rises with emotion, such as stress or fright, which has been proven untrue. Changes in air temperature have a much larger effect on the liquid inside a mood ring than the insignificant changes in your skin.


Corrected entry: At the end of the movie when the "specialist" is giving his account on to what happened, they are on TV - but his hand comes through the TV when he is gesturing.

Correction: I watched the scene several times now and still can't see where the "specialist's" hands would come through the TV. All gesturing is staying inside the TV display boundaries.

Corrected entry: When Mark Wahlberg goes to look in the abandoned truck for a map, the door chime is sounding but the driver's door is closed, only the passenger door is open.

Correction: When my van's front passenger door is left open the door chimes as well.

Super Grover Premium member

Corrected entry: Mrs. Jones dies from the toxin even though she has stayed apart from the three people who are staying at her home and is some distance from them when she begins to show symptoms. The other three find themselves separated, two in the spring house, the other in the house. Although none is in anything like a sealed environment when Mrs. Jones dies - indeed, she smashes in several windows, which would have exposed Mark Wahlberg - none of the others is affected. Wahlberg observed the toxin affecting Mrs. Jones firsthand, and the speaking tube connecting the house with the spring house would have carried the toxin just as well as it did his voice.

Correction: The toxin is emenated from the plants in waves, and after a dose has been released, it takes a little while to replenish. When Mrs. Jones was poisoned, she was standing outside, alone, surrounded by plants. It took a little while before she started to smash in the windows, and by this time the remining toxin in the air had dissolved or blown away. It is around the same time the plants start to break of their attack, and stops releasing toxin altogether, so the characters are safe in their shelters (even if they don't know it).


Corrected entry: When the train stops and they are in some diner, the woman is showing video on her iPod. In the first scene she wears a red shirt, but after watching video on iPod, she is wearing a blue shirt.

Correction: The woman is wearing a blue shirt on top of a red shirt, and both are visible during the scenes.

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