Kung Fu Panda

Factual error: After Tigress tells the backstory of Tai Lung the scene transitions from her being a cub to an adult. Young Tigress' stripes don't match the pattern of Adult Tigress. Tiger stripes don't change with age.

Factual error: When master Shifu is trying to show Po how to do a perfect split, Tigress breaks clay over Po's head. Violating the laws of physics, the larger piece of the clay falls last and the powder of the clay falls first.

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Suggested correction: First, notice that events in this film consistently and repeatedly, on thousands of occasions, violate the laws of physics. Didn't you notice how incredibly high Tigress leaped? Didn't you see that Po repeatedly survived falling from incredible heights? Didn't you watch the section of Tai Lung's escape, which violates every known scientific principle? All of this is part of the film's genre, i.e, the martial fantasy genre. You're supposed to laugh at them, not report them as a mistake here.


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Continuity mistake: When Shifu performs the Wuxi finger hold on Po, in one shot, we see all of Po's fingers, except the one Shifu is holding, are closed to his palm. In the next shot, all his fingers are open. (00:22:05)

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Suggested correction: If you slow down before the part where the camera pans onto Po when he's surprised, his fingers open.

Then you found a 2nd mistake, but the original mistake is still valid. While we do see Po start to open his hand up (after the first picture), there's a wide shot (not pictured) where his fingers are closed (again). It then cuts to Po's hand and his fingers are open.


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Oogway: Your mind is like the water. When it is agitated it becomes difficult to see, but when you let it settle, the answer becomes clear.

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Trivia: According to behind the scenes featurettes, James Hong's father owns a noodle shop. Hong voices Po's father, Mr. Ping, who also owns a noodle shop.

Cubs Fan

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Question: Why couldn't Po open the gates to the ceremony but his father could when Oogway declares Po the Dragon Warrior?

Roman Curiel

Why lock them at the beginning of the ceremony only to unlock them before it's over? I believe this is a continuity error.

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