Hell Drivers

New this week Continuity mistake: At the depot when Red and Cartley get into number 3 truck to go to the quarry it has no front number plate, but it has one fitted when they arrive there - 322DMY the same number in one shot as the truck Tom is driving.

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New this week Continuity mistake: When Tom and Red are fighting, the cigarette falls out of Red's mouth when Tom is punching him. The angle changes and it is back.

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New this week Continuity mistake: Tom is in Ma West's kitchen. When Jill leaves she walks past him twice.

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Continuity mistake: At the start of the film when Tom is doing his trial run, he is forced off the road to avoid crashing into two oncoming trucks, driven by Johnny and Red. His truck has the number thirteen number board on the front, which isn't on it during any other time during the trial run, although it's on the truck for the rest of the film.

Continuity mistake: When Tom accepts the job as a truck driver, he is given the logbook to the truck he is going to drive - registration number 321EMY. At the quarry, when he reverses towards Red's truck, the reg number has changed to 845DMX, the same as Red's truck. But when Tom gets back on the road his truck has changed back to 321EMY.

Continuity mistake: In the final chase sequence, when Tom takes number one truck, its registration number is 845DMX and it has a broken headlight. When Tom drives over a bridge the reg number has changed to 322EMY, but when he reaches the quarry the reg number is back to 845DMX and the broken headlight has been repaired.

Continuity mistake: After Tom has loaded his truck at the quarry on his trial run and he is on the way to the building site, when he goes round the first corner his truck has the number 13 board on, which is not fitted to his truck until he starts the job.

Continuity mistake: When Tom is on his trial run he is forced off the road to avoid crashing into two trucks coming the other way being driven by red and johnny - all three trucks have the same registration (322EMY) and in one shot Tom's truck changes its registration to 320EMY.

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