Baby Mama

Baby Mama (2008)

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Corrected entry: After Angie takes out the vitamin to drink the water, spits it out and says it's horrible, the vitamin is back in her mouth.

korporal kool

Correction: Actually it's a different scene that they show in the movie she actually spat it out then she tried it again.

Corrected entry: When Kate is in the hospital bed, before the doctor leaves, you can see a crew member on the light switch.


Correction: The only discernible reflection in the light switch is the doctor passing it as he leaves the room.


Corrected entry: Angie (Amy Poehler) plans to con Kate (Tina Fey) into thinking she is pregnant. And yet the drama at the end of the movie comes from the fact that it could indeed be Kate's baby, due to a possible false negative. If Angie had been planning a con, she would never have taken the hormones or tried to get pregnant at all.

Correction: She only planed the con AFTER she thought that the eggs did not take, meaning up until that time she had been trying 100% in order to get paid and she moved into Kate's apartment very quickly and its very clear that Kate is making her take ALL her medication and more the entire time.


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