Continuity mistake: As the truck emerges from underground, it lands tearing off the front bumper. The scene cuts away for a moment, and we then see the truck turning around to face the camera, bumper intact.



Continuity mistake: As Frank drives away from the church, we see the two tail lights are square. The scene fades to show the car stopped and it now has four round tail lights. The first is a 1970 Chevelle while the second is a 1971-72 model, and the cars are used interchangeably from scene to scene.



Continuity mistake: When the truck rams the car, causing the car to flip over, the car comes to rest with the trunk securely closed. The camera angle changes and instantly, the trunk lid is hanging fully open and all Frank's belongings are strewn about the road.



Continuity mistake: The first time the truck attacks, the car suffers a flat. As the truck returns again, Frank is forced to drive off, leaving the front/left wheelcover behind. Moments later the cover is back in place.



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