The Legend of Bagger Vance

Revealing mistake: During the war flashback there is a newspaper photograph with Captain Junuh on the shoulders of Savannah's young men. When the camera zooms into his face you can see it's someone else's, only in close-up it switches to Matt Damon's. This is surprising because in all other newspaper pictures Matt Damon is nicely worked in. (00:06:15)


Revealing mistake: Junuh is sitting on the bench just after round one. Adele comes over towards him and sits down, but by doing so she reveals a pair of trainers.

Revealing mistake: When little Hardy Greaves hits a ball at some golfers the ball actually flies off from somewhere on the right, not from the spot where Hardy is standing. (00:04:20)


Continuity mistake: On the last hole of the match, Hagen's putt goes 5-6 feet by. However, on the next scene is shown making a 1 foot tap-in.

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Walter Hagen: Hey, I admire the way you're dealing with this match, Junuh. Fighting the way you are. It's damn noble. But no matter how good a fighter you are, just remember, I can ask the King to hold the flag for me when I putt, but he's not going to give me his crown, neither is Bobby and neither am I.

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Trivia: The dog in the scene where Adele's father shoots himself is actually Charlize Theron's dog named Denver.

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Answer: There are many reasons that known actors appear in movies and are uncredited. Cameo appearances often go un-credited. Actors sometimes do a cameo if they are friends with the director or the other stars. It can add an unexpected surprise for the audience. There are also contract and payment issues if an actor receives billing in the credit. Jack Lemmon, who was the narrator for the story, may have preferred not being credited. He was certainly a big enough star that if he wanted to be listed in the credits, he would have received proper billing.

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