The Legend of Bagger Vance

The Legend of Bagger Vance (2000)

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Corrected entry: Just as Junuh sinks the last putt, Adele says that Junuh has won the most amazing competition of all. He didn't win.

Correction: Actually she says ties not wins - she says Junuh "ties" Walter Hagen and Bobby Jones in the greatest match ever played.

Correction: No Adele shouts out that Randolf Junuh tied the great Walter Hagen and Bobby Jones in the greatest match ever played.

Corrected entry: In the second round of 18 holes, Walter Hagen tees off and says something like "I'll see you on the fairway Bobby, when your second shot catches up to it" to Bobby Jones. Bobby Jones tees off after this. In all the rest of the movie Bobby Jones tees off first and Hagen second. (01:10:20)

Correction: Just because the players tee off in a certain order, on any one hole, it does not mean that they will do so on another hole (The honour system).

Corrected entry: On the second day of the tournament, at the first tee, there are gale force winds. A mere three holes later, the weather is calm and beautiful. (01:22:25)

Correction: Since 3 holes can take upwards of 45 minutes it is perfectly reasonable to assume that the weather may have changed.

Corrected entry: I cannot imagine that a black caddie was allowed in a players-only facility in a Georgia golf club in 1929. (01:01:25)


Correction: He was let in because he was a caddie, not a player. Black people were let in at white only establishments if they were there to serve.

Corrected entry: If the movie is taking place in Savannah Georgia, how come the sun sets over the Atlantic Ocean? (00:11:30)

Correction: All sunsets are seen from Krewe Island which, being an island, should have a west coast. In the scene when Adele throws her father's ashes into the sea when the sun is setting you even see the mainland in the background.


Corrected entry: At the end, Hagen and Jones are both said to be 1 shot ahead of our hero Junuh, as they all have long putts to finish the final hole. Both Hagen and Jones use two shots to sink the ball (total of 4 shots). Junuh, who so far had 2 shots plus 1 penalty, i.e. 3, then putts his ball, and also ends up on 4. So it's still even, and they need to play another hole, but noooo. Junuh is the winner! What was the deciding factor here, if it wasn't the total number of shots?

Correction: At the end of the film they do not say that Junuh won, you can hear clearly in the background that it was a 3 way tie.

Continuity mistake: When they start the 18th hole of the last round, the sun is just starting to set (over the Atlantic Ocean, no less). When they get to their tee shots to hit their second shots, it is already pitch black. This could only be a matter of couple of minutes to walk to their next shot. And, yet, at the very end when Will Smith hears the roar of the final shot, he's walking along the beach into the setting sun? (01:52:10)

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Rannulph Junnah: I could have killed you out there.
Bagger Vance: Oh no sir, see I set myself directly in front of ya. Judgin' how you were hittin' them balls that's where I figure I'd be out of harms way.

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Trivia: The dog in the scene where Adele's father shoots himself is actually Charlize Theron's dog named Denver.

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Answer: There are many reasons that known actors appear in movies and are uncredited. Cameo appearances often go un-credited. Actors sometimes do a cameo if they are friends with the director or the other stars. It can add an unexpected surprise for the audience. There are also contract and payment issues if an actor receives billing in the credit. Jack Lemmon, who was the narrator for the story, may have preferred not being credited. He was certainly a big enough star that if he wanted to be listed in the credits, he would have received proper billing.

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