Black Water

After a rogue Croc does in Jim, then Adam, which the sisters observe being eaten that stormy night. Lee is mauled by saurian and Grace is carried off. She finds herself on an island lying beside Jim, who's now missing his limbs and head and who's gun is still in his holster. So when the Croc comes back to finish her off, she's ready for it, only the gun's clogged in mud, so only two of the bullets still work. After the first bullet, only further pisses off the Salty, she gets her hand complete with pistol stuck in said Salty's jaws (both looking each other in the eyes) which proceeds to clamp down hard on her limb, prompting her to put a bullet into it's top jaw and then into said skull. Salty hisses in rage/pain, then imitates the death scene of Max Cady, steadily sinking to the depths. Grace rights the boat and returns to her sister, only to find her big sis has succumbed to infection/blood loss and is now no more. Distraught she nevertheless dumps her late sister back at the bottom of said boat and sadly rows back to civilization.


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