The Lost Battalion
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Cepheglia: This is a French Cho-Cho.
Rosen: Chauchat.
Cepheglia: It's a piece of garbage, don't worry about it.
Rosen: Leave it to Henchman and Hollingshead.
Cepheglia: Don't worry about mortars, tanks and artillery.
Rosen: We don't have any of that either.
Cepheglia: Basically we're mud crunchers,.
Rosen: Gravel agitators.
Cepheglia: Infantry.

Capt. McMurtry: Lieutenant Leak?
Lt. Leak: Yes, sir?
Capt. McMurtry: I'm Captain McMurtry. Welcome to the 308th.
Lt. Leak: Captain, uh... there must be some mistake. I'm supposed to be in a Texas unit. Most of these boys are from New York and I just don't understand a word these city fellers are sayin'.
Capt. McMurtry: You don't have to understand them Lieutenant, they have to understand you.

Krotoshinsky: Where's the Cowboy going?
Lipasti: He must know something.
Krotoshinsky: You think so?
Lipasti: He's from Roadville, he grew up around trees. You've ever been around trees?
Krotoshinsky: They got trees in Union Square.
Lipasti: Those don't count.

Yoder: Hey, how come you guys from New York call everybody "buddy"?
Lipasti: You're not from the city?
Yoder: From Bigfork, Montana.
Lipasti: Never heard of it. I didn't know they let apple-knockers into this outfit.

Yoder: Hey, how come nobody ever calls me Bob?
Cepheglia: Who's Bob?
Rosen: He's Bob you dumb Dago. Haven't you ever heard of a first name?
Cepheglia: Your first name is Private. You're gonna be Private all your life Rosen. You'll never make Corporal.
Rosen: All I wanna make is civilian.

Visible crew/equipment: In the scene where the group of U.S. soldiers is going to a higher position (to attack Germans from the top,) a camera is visible on right side of the screen. (00:22:05)

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