Street Kings

Street Kings (2008)

3 mistakes

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Continuity mistake: When Captain Jack Wander is handcuffed to the stairs, in the first shot you can see that the handcuffs aren't all the way clasped. When you see him from a different angle, they are clasped all the way.

Continuity mistake: When Diskant is chasing Quicks, there is a cigarette behind Quicks' ear that disappears and then reappears.

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Continuity mistake: When Captain Biggs sits at Detective Ludlow's desk in complaints just before they go for lunch, Captain Biggs' tie moves between shots from underneath his jacket to on it to underneath it again.

Tom Ludlow: We good?
Scribble: You know this is some bullshit, right? These dudes is monsters, man. I mean if they can't fuck it, rob it, or kill it they don't want it.

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