Never Back Down

Continuity mistake: During the lunch scene, when Jake is drinking Gatorade, the amount of liquid continuously changes between shots.


Continuity mistake: On the first day of school in Orlando, Jake's undershirt is grey when he is wearing the flannel, but it is blue when the flannel is off.


Continuity mistake: In the football scene, the announcer says it's 3rd and 10, when you look on the field it says 2nd down. (00:01:30)

Mike OToole

Revealing mistake: During the fight scene, when Jake gets out of the car to fight the three guys in the yellow Hummer, Max lifts up his video camera after Jake throws his first punch. But after the fight, when all of the students are watching the fight on the net at school, it shows that Max is recording before the fight even begins.

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Baja Miller: I'm Baja.
Jake Tyler: Like Mexico?
Baja Miller: Like my parents smoke too much weed.

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