Anywhere But Here

Anywhere But Here (1999)

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Other mistake: In the scene on Christmas morning before the party Ann and Adell are talking on a phone with a cord, Ann is sitting on the bed on one side of the room holding the receiver with the cord leading to the side of the room across from them, next to the TV. But when it shows a shot of the TV, the same phone that Ann is talking on is hung up sitting next to the TV.

Continuity mistake: At the beginning of the movie, Natalie Portman and Susan Sarandon are driving down the road. When they are shot from Portman's side of the car, her hair is blowing and Sarandon's window is closed. But when shot from Sarandon's side, Portman's window is closed, her hair isn't blowing anymore and Sarandon's hair is blowing.

Continuity mistake: When Adele is talking to Josh on the phone in the morning with Ann sitting in the car in the background, you can see that the car is no more than 10 feet away. After she gets off the phone and walks back to the car the shot cuts to a far away overhead shot and now the car is probably 30+ feet away. (01:02:10)

Timothy Conard

Continuity mistake: When Adell and Uncle Jimmy are fighting after Benny's funeral, Ann is standing in the background. First she's behind the table then it switches angles and she's to the side of the table. It keeps changing every time the camera switches angles.

Continuity mistake: In the beginning of the movie, Anne (Natalie's character) locks herself in the bathroom and looks through the contents in the box that her cousin Benny gives her. She reaches in to grab a handful of pictures and looks at the one of her family and the one of her and Benny. Behind the picture of her and Benny is a picture of her friend Mary. She then places the pictures in her lap and reaches into the box and pulls out the same picture of Mary.

Adele: When you were four years old your father left you in the middle of the night.
Ann: So what! You left my stepfather in the middle of the afternoon.

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