Are You Being Served? The Movie

Corrected entry: At the start of the movie it is clear that a different set is being used from the TV show. Some of the counters and cabinets look different, and the lifts and entrances to the dressing rooms have changed. This movie was made after series 5 but when we return to the TV show in series 6 the set is back to how it was at the end of series 5.

James Ransford

Correction: I feel unclean defending this 'film', but the rules of this site make it clear that discrepancies between a film and its source material are invalid. Right, I'm off for a shower.

Other mistake: When Mrs Slocombe is having her passport picture taken the images taken are not directly in front of them where the actual photo camera is, rather they are taken from the camera filming off to the side.

luke f
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Trivia: In this movie, Penny Irving plays Young Mr. Grace's new secretary, Miss Nicholson. In the TV series, she was called Miss Bakewell.

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