There Will Be Blood

Daniel Plainview (Daniel Day-Lewis) becomes a total wreck during the late 1920's. He spends his days drinking and shooting his possessions in his large mansion. H.W. Plainview is older and married to Mary Sunday. He was also defeaned earlier in the film, and needs a sign language translator when he talks to people. H.W. tells Daniel of his plan to move to Mexico with Mary and start his own oil business. Daniel is so angry that he not only disapproves, but tells H.W. that he is not his son and never has been which is why he doesn't carry any given characteristics from his adoptive father. H.W. leaves after quoting "I thank God I have none of you in me". Daniel calls him a 'bastard from a basket' as he walks away. Shortly afterwards, Daniel is paid a visit by Eli Sunday (Paul Dano) in his private bowling alley. Eli tells Daniel about the advertising of his church, and how he has lost a fortune and offers a lease to Daniel for Mr Bandy's ranch, which Eli now owns. Daniel agrees on the condition that Eli admit that he is a false prophet and that God is a superstition. Daniel then bullies Eli with comments about the oil already been drained, and then starts to attack Eli by throwing bowling balls and bowling pins at him. Daniel eventually knocks Eli unconcious with a bowling pin and bludgeons him to death with it. Daniel's butler investigates, where Daniel sits next to a dead Eli and says, "I'm finished".

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