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Corrected entry: After the escape from the camp Rambo sets a claymore mine trap. He then runs for his life and seconds later half the forest is leveled from the mine. Claymores are anti-personnel mines and have a kill zone of 15 feet; they don't have the explosive power of a 2-ton bomb.

Correction: The claymore did not cause the huge explosion, but it caused the Tallboy bomb it was planted on to explode.


Corrected entry: At the beginning of the film when Rambo is taking the good Samaritans in his boat to Burma, the woman talking to Rambo asks him "how he got into all of this." Rambo replies that he was drafted into Vietnam. However, during the first two Rambo films, it is stated several times by Rambo himself, Colonel Trautman, and even Murdoc (when reading over Rambo's military records) that Rambo joined (volunteered, not drafted) the Special Forces in 1964.

Correction: Rambo may have been drafted, but it was his choice to join Special Forces. All American military Special Forces are volunteer only.

Greg Dwyer

Corrected entry: Rambo has booby-trapped an unexploded nuclear warhead, said in the movie to be from WWII. When the nuclear warhead goes off he is able to outrun it, but the initial shockwave would have been impossible to outrun. Not to mention the nuclear fallout, intense 5000+ degree heat, and other dangers of nuclear warfare.

Correction: It's not a nuclear warhead, but a conventional bomb. They even say in the movie that the bomb is British, and the UK did not use nuclear weapons in WWII. Therefore, no nuclear fallout, and lot less of a shockwave.


Factual error: An unexploded British 'Tallboy' bomb from World War II is found in the jungles of Burma. First, no Tallboy bomb was ever dropped in Burma. Further, the purpose of the Tallboy is to quake the earth to shake concrete buildings down, so dropping one in Burma's jungle would be pointless. Lastly, if a Tallboy had indeed been dropped, it falls at great speed and is hardened to penetrate concrete structures, embed itself below them, then detonate. It would have been underground, not tangled in branches above ground as if made of balsa wood, for Rambo to easily find.

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John Rambo: Live for nothing, or die for something.

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Trivia: The movie was originally titled "John Rambo", but Stallone didn't want people to think it was the last of the series (as the final "Rocky" was called "Rocky Balboa"), so he changed the name, keeping the door open for a fifth movie.

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