Untraceable (2008)

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Corrected entry: The female FBI agent runs to get someone who understands Morse code to work out what the one person is saying. Surely the FBI would be recording the video, so why panic?

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Correction: They are in a hurry, since he is dying. The morse code could reveal his location, so they can save him in time.

Corrected entry: During the scene on the bridge when the detective's car shuts down, she doesn't try to unlock the door before she breaks the window. The unlock lever is right above the handle, and is in the lock position. It is impossible to lock yourself in a car. (01:22:30)

Correction: When people are upset, anxious, feeling pressure or are nervous in any way, they don't necessarily think logically. This is simply chalked up to a character mistake.

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Corrected entry: I noticed that twice in the film Diane Lane is listening to the local reports on her radio and both times they say the station is 108.9. My radio dial stops at 107.9.

Correction: To avoid legal issues, radio call letters and frequencies are usually changed to avoid people trying to call them, or listen to them. Much like changing phone numbers and addresses. Example: the problems occurring with people having the phone number 867-5309 in the 80's and prank callers calling the number to find Jenny, because of the popular hit by Tommy Tutone.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Jennifer, the FBI agent, is at her motel, and Detective Boggs comes to have dinner, he knocks on the door. You can see there is a peephole in the door, however, Jennifer looks out the window. When she opens the door to let Boggs in, we can see why she looked out the window. There is no peephole on the outside of the door. When she closes the door behind him, you can once again see the peephole on the inside of the door.

Correction: The peephole on the outside might be blocked or obscured. Second, just because a door has a peephole doesn't mean one can't use a nearby window to get a better view - not terribly unlikely considering the villian was targeting her.


Corrected entry: One of the murdered men is described in news reports as being a "Vietnam vet" pilot, and then his birthdate on the website is shown as 1955, making him a little young to have been in Vietnam (which ended in 1975) as a pilot.

Correction: Why? There were plenty of 18 year old pilots in Vietnam, or he could have done like my father in WWII and lied about his age to get in a year or so early.

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