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Corrected entry: When Kevin is photographing Jane they both mention 27 weddings and dresses. On her wedding day Jane's states that she put on her 28th dress. Since the goth wedding occurred after Kevin had photographed her, and we know Jane is highly detail oriented, she would have told Kevin she had been in 26 weddings and was about to be in her 27th. Given all the details she readily provided about the other gowns it seems odd she didn't mention something about the goth-themed wedding.


Correction: Kevin doesn't visit Jane's apartment until after the goth wedding (which is the first time Tess and George talk about how to sign "love" and before they get engaged) The goth wedding attire is actually hanging on the right door when Kevin sees the closet for the first time. Jane would in fact have all 27 dresses in her closet by then.

Corrected entry: In the office scene when Tess meets Pedro, Jane's ponytail is tightly curled (as though with a curler). But by the time she and the others have arrived at the baseball game, her ponytail is completely straight.

Correction: That's extremely common when using a curler. The curls last a few hours at best before it relaxes. And if there is a bit of humidity in the air, they're gone in an instant.


Corrected entry: It was said at the end of the movie that all 27 girlfriends wearing Jane's 27 dresses are there with her in Kevin and Jane's wedding. But if you watch carefully, Jane actually helps 28 times (not 27) as a bridesmaid. The last one is the punk-rock wedding where she wears a red and black dress and a spike necklace.

Correction: The punk rock bridesmaid dress was already in the closet and part of the 27. That wedding was about 40 minutes into the movie and when Kevin takes the pictures, he counts and says "27 dresses" about 15 minutes later in the movie.

Corrected entry: When Jane is a bridesmaid for an Indian style wedding, she wears red and the bride is in white. At an Indian wedding, the bride is in red and the groom is in white.


Correction: The wedding is Indian/Jewish. The groom is Indian, but the bride is Jewish, which would explain her white gown. Jane is also, in fact, wearing pink and orange not Indian bridal red.

Corrected entry: When Jane is with George tasting for the wedding menu and Kevin calls and Tess answers the phone she says Jane's phone, then when Kevin and Jane leave together after they run off the road Jane has her phone even though she never went to get it.

Correction: Tess is staying with Jane at her apartment. Therefore, when Kevin calls Jane's house to locate her, Tess answers "Jane's phone".

Corrected entry: At the bar/club for the co-worker's engagement party, after Kevin asks Jane if she likes the flowers he sent, Jane excuses herself and goes outside to the back of the bar and starts screaming. When Jane exits she leaves the heavy metal door open so you are able to see inside the club. You also see boxes and other misc. things lying around. Then after Jane hits the wall with her purse, the camera is facing towards her, and you see the scenery change. The door is now a nice wooden door, the misc. scenery is gone and the door is also closed. (00:24:55 - 00:25:25)

Correction: The scenery changes because Jane turns to her left after smacking her purse and that's when she notices the anniversary party. She then turns to her left again to re-enter the club, thus making a 180 degree turn during that scene.


Corrected entry: Right at the start of the movie when Jane meets up with her friend on the street, her friend says something like, "Let's go", but her mouth doesn't move.

Correction: That is not her friend speaking. Jane is the one that says, "Let's go" and you can even see her lips moving with it perfectly.

Corrected entry: Jane and Kevin are fighting in the car in the storm and you see the red light on at the back center dash behind them right before she says, "We are hydroplaning!" and then it is not on again until they put their cells out to check for signals.

Correction: That is because it is the brake light. It doesn't have to be on all the time.

Corrected entry: In the scene at the ballpark, when Jane, George and Tess order from the snack stand, no one pays for their food and drink. They just order it, take it, and walk away.

Correction: In that shot, the actors' lower bodies were cut off, including their hands. The counter of the stand was also cut out of the shot, which makes it entirely possible that money WAS exchanged, unseen by the viewer.

Corrected entry: At the diner in the morning, Kevin has put his napkin on his right thigh but it is never seen again through the meal or when he follows Jane as she storms out in anger after reading the "always, always, always" a bridesmaid article. Jane salts her egg twice through breakfast as well.

Correction: Jane salting her eggs twice throughout breakfast isn't necessarily a movie mistake. The character could just like salty eggs.

Corrected entry: When Jane and Kevin are driving in the rain, Jane keeps looking in the rear view mirror, even though there is no rear view mirror. If you look closely at where the rear view mirror should be, you will see that it has been fuzzed out, and they have tried to use CGI to mimic the rain and reflections in the windshield.

Correction: It's likely that the rear view mirror only broke off recently, therefore she has not yet broken the habit of checking it.

Corrected entry: Kevin and Jane are in the bar soaking wet after the car swerves off the road. Kevin is seen tossing his jacket over the chair saying, "We are in East Deliverance New York," but back in the car in the rain he said his Spidey vision wasn't working when they passed the road sign.

Correction: The East Deliverance reference is from a 1972 movie named 'Deliverance' about characters who take a trip into back-woods America where they run into trouble. It is a reference, not the name of the city.

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Corrected entry: At the end of the movie, the Commitments article states that there were 27 bridesmaids after it is stated that all the women Jane was a bridesmaid for were bridesmaids at her wedding. If that's the case, then there were really 29 bridesmaids, since in addition to the 27 bridesmaids from previous weddings, her unmarried sister and best friend were also bridesmaids.

Correction: Articles are not always 100% accurate. They go with what makes a good story - saying that she got the 27 women who she was a bridesmaid for to be her bridesmaids makes for a good story. The sister and best friend (who would be entirely normal choices for bridesmaids) just aren't that interesting, journalistically speaking, so the article focuses on the interesting stuff at the expense of precise accuracy. Not exactly unusual.

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Corrected entry: In the scene where the girls are in their father's hardware store in the middle of the day, the OPEN sign is facing towards the inside of the store, which means the store appears closed to customers. (00:30:55)

Correction: When their father left the store, he most likely flipped the sign so that they could talk and work things out, which is why he got them both there together in the first place.

Corrected entry: During the scene in which Katherine Heigl and James Marsden are driving in the car in the rain, there is never a rear view mirror.

Correction: It could have easily have broken off, and she just hasn't gotten around to replacing it.


Continuity mistake: When Katherine Heigl and her sister are having a fight, her sister throws a portable phone onto the couch. The phone goes from just being visible behind one of the cushions to completely vanishing a few seconds later after the "Bridezilla" rant.

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Jane: That was yesterday. Today you're just the bitch who broke my heart and cut up my mother's wedding dress.

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Trivia: Although the movie title is "27 Dresses", one of Jane's bridesmaid outfits is actually a man's black suit and tie (pant suit), and not a dress at all. This is shown at the end during Jane and Kevin's wedding. So really the movie should be called "26 Dresses and One Suit."

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