Sweeney Todd

Continuity mistake: Anthony's backpack during the I feel you secene keeps changing positions: Under the bench, slightly out, totally away, etc.

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Continuity mistake: Just after Lovett finishes singing "Wait", Anthony comes running up the stairs and Sweeney hides behind the door holding the razor in his right hand. Anthony turns to Sweeney to speak, and Sweeney places his right hand on Anthony's back and guides him toward the window. You get a glimpse of the closed razor. The camera instantly changes to looking at Anthony's back,and Sweeney's hand is empty and fingers are spread out. When the camera angle changes again and Sweeney sits Anthony down, you get a quick glimpse of the razor in Sweeney's right hand. (01:13:00)


Continuity mistake: At the beginning of the song 'a little priest' Mrs. Lovette is holding the curtain and opens it. When the camera switches, the curtain is fully closed and she's just holding a little bit of the curtain.


Other mistake: Based on the location of the barber's chair with the picture window in Todd's barber shop and the layout of the exterior of the building, there is no possible way that the chute behind the chair would be able to dump the bodies directly into the basement without going through the center of Ms. Lovett's shop.

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Sweeney Todd: [Holding up razor.] At last, my arm is complete again!

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Trivia: During its first month of production in London, Johnny Depp had to take a ten-day leave of absence when his daughter, Lily-Rose, was rushed to a hospital due to a severe illness (which was never disclosed by the media). To accommodate his absence, director Tim Burton filmed scenes that didn't feature Depp's character.

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