Sweeney Todd

New this month Factual error: Just before the shaving contest with Pirelli, Todd opens and closes his jacket, exposing his razors. When he does, a zipper can be seen on his jacket. Zippers weren't invented until the 1890s, while the film takes place in 1846. His jacket is a modern manufactured one.


Factual error: When Sweeney is sharpening his blades, most noticeably during the shaving contest, he is sharpening toward the blade, which you simply can't do with a razor blade and leather strop. A razor will slice right into the leather. He also doesn't even have the blade flat to the leather so again they're not remotely sharp as a sharp blade would easily sink right into the leather. Pirelli is using roughly the correct technique, even though they're trying to portray him as sloppy. (00:35:50)

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