The Wages of Fear

Luigi and Bimba explode in their truck from an unknown reason. Mario and Joe arrive in their truck to the scene of the explosion and find a huge oil puddle from a severed oil pipeline. Joe enters the puddle to clear the way while Mario drives carefully through the puddle. As the truck is half way across, Joe gets stuck under a huge branch which he tried to clear. Mario, realizing that he cannot stop, runs over Joe's leg as Joe screams in pain. Once the truck is across the puddle, he gets Joe out of the oil puddle, and Joe tourniquets his severely crushed leg. Just before they finally arrive at the oil field, Joe dies from his injury. Mario gets out of the truck and collapses due to exhaustion. Once he recovers, he is paid $4000 and sets off back to town. While driving recklessly on a perilous mountain road, he loses control of his truck and crashes down the mountain. While the truck is in flames, Mario's dead body is seen holding a memento - an old Paris Metro ticket.

Itamar the D.R. Endings

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