P2 (2007)

Ending / spoiler

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Having endured a x mas eve from hell with Thomas' company (involving a pair of dearly devoted murders of those she knows), Angela stabs Tom's dog Rocky with a crowbar, before blinding her captor in one eye, before handcuffing him to a car spilling petrol then torching him by igniting the fuel with Tom's own stun gun. As he is being scorched, she finally escapes from the makeshift holding cell that is the office underground car park.


Factual error: When Tom shocks Angela with a stun gun, she gets knocked out. That's impossible. Stun guns don't knock you out. Stun guns don't cause unconsciousness.

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Thomas: What kind of car does he drive?
Angela Bridges: I don't know.
Thomas: You don't know? You don't know what kind of car your fiancé drives?
Angela Bridges: A Toyota.
Thomas: A Toyota? Now, that is a fast car. He could be here any minute.

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