King Ralph

Revealing mistake: After Ralph goes to the club and meets Miranda there's a scene where the front page of The Daily Telegraph newspaper (dated March 9, 1990) is show. It has the headline "From Uncle Same to Buck 'ham'" with a picture of Ralph. The article under the headline hasn't been changed from the original news story. The article begins, "Mounted police broke up a mob that had looted shops and attacked a police station in Hackney, ease London, last night after a poll tax protest by up to 5,000 people blew up into a riot. With running battles between officers and demonstrators. Scotland Yard said at least 50 people were arrested and several police officers hurt in the worst violence yet seen in the campaign against the community charge."

Factual error: There are numerous references made to the Finnish Royal Family, and they even make an appearance. Only problem is, Finland doesn't have a Royal Family.

David Mercier

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Sir Cedric Willingham: It's I who should be thanking you. You showed me how to be a king.
Ralph Jones: Me? I was a lousy king.
Sir Cedric Willingham: On the contrary. You are a good and decent man, and you've acted honorably. I shall try to follow your example.
Ralph Jones: Thank you, Ced.

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