The Hoax

Factual error: The helicopter believed to be carrying Howard Hughes is a Eurocopter AS-350, a design that had its first flight in 1974, three years after the events of this film.

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Factual error: The opening shots of the New York City skyline, supposedly representing the area in October 1971 show the MetLife building, complete with such markings at the top, but in 1971 it was actually still the Pan Am building.



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Gere shoots an arrow at a picture stuck to a glass. The position of the picture keeps changing all the time.



In the epilogue, all of the characters' fates are accounted for, except for the fact that Noah Dietrich's account of Howard Hughes' life, which formed the "rough draft" of Clifford Irving's hoax, WAS published (presumably after considerable editing) as a mass-market paperback after the scandal struck.