Awake (2007)

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Character mistake: The endotracheal tube (breathing tube) was not secured to the patient. It is standard practice to secure this tube to the patient in order to keep it in place.

Continuity mistake: During the operation, the tape on Clay's eyes changes shape and position, several times. When it is first put on it is square and covers the whole eye; later it is rectangular and only covers the middle part of the eye.

Character mistake: During the operation, one of the surgeons asks the anaesthetist what he'd used for anaesthesia, to which the anaesthetist replies, "Midazolam and Fentanyl". Although these drugs are used in anaesthesia, often on induction, they are not themselves induction agents and would not cause a patient to appear anaesthetised. Also, on the monitors it shows arterial line tracings, and no sign of an arterial line (however the radial artery in the wrist is often used, so may be covered up), but the CVP is also shown on the monitor, and this is definitely absent from the patient as it would be in his neck.

Dr. Jack Harper: He really did love you, Sam.
Sam Lockwood: He didn't even know me.

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