The evil Queen (Susan Sarandon) comes to the real world because Nathaniel fails to poison Giselle (Amy Adams). She finds her way to the ball where Robert (Patrick Dempsey), Giselle, Nancy (Idina Menzel) and Prince Edward (James Marsden) are dancing, just when Giselle and Robert are truly beginning to realize that they're in love. The Queen (in old croon form) takes advantage of Giselle's turmoil to give her the apple. Nathaniel (Timothy Spall) bursts in and accuses the queen of poisoning Giselle, and holds her at swordpoint. Only true love's kiss can save the dying princess, but Edward's kiss does not work. Edward insists that Robert kiss her, which saves her. The queen turns into a dragon and grabs Robert, taking him to the roof high above the city. Giselle distracts the dragon and the chipmunk uses its tiny weight to make the dragon plummet to its death. Giselle stays in the real world, marries Robert and opens a fashion store. Edward falls in love with Nancy, and they both jump back through to the land of fantasy. Nathaniel becomes a writer about defeating the evil queen within. The chipmunk becomes a writer too (in the land of fantasy). And they all live happily ever after.


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Giselle: No one has been very nice to me.
Robert: Yeah, well, welcome to New York.
Giselle: Thank you!



When Giselle opens the window in Robert's apartment, in the exterior shot, to sing for furry cleaning help, there is a set of three windows to her right, with a balcony. Odd thing is, in the interior shots the window she sang from is to the left of the couch, but to the right of the couch there are three French doors, not windows, that open to the balcony.



Jodi Benson, who voiced/sang the part of Ariel in The Little Mermaid, appears as Robert's secretary, Sam. When Giselle looks into the fish tank (while Sam & Robert are talking), the song "Part of Your World" from Little Mermaid is heard playing.