El Cantante

El Cantante (2006)

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After a concert with poor attendance in Puerto Rico, Hector (Marc Anthony) tries to kill himself by jumping off a building but survives. Nilda (Jennifer Lopez), in the present, mentions that in the latter years of their marriage they were apart and she wasn't there for him all the time. Hector Lavoe dies of AIDS (caused by his drug abuse) at the age of 46. Nilda (a.k.a. Puchi) died in 2002 after the interview that was used for this film. The last scene is Hector and his band performing "El Cantante" in Puerto Rico (years ago) and footage of his funeral and hearse and a photograph of him and Puchi. Hector's legacy lives on and the film is dedicated to him and the Fania All Stars.

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Hector Lavoe: You ever seen a coqui sing? You've never seen one because you can't see them. They're there. You can hear them, but you can't see them. And they only sing one song. And it's two notes - Just like that, all their life, their whole life. They're born to do that. And they live everywhere in Puerto Rico. And they can't survive anywhere else in the world.



In the scene when Hector Lavoe and his wife (Mark Anthony and JLo) are walking down the street in New York, on the right hand of the screen you will see a man taking a picture with his cell phone. The scene is supposed to be based in the 70's.