Into the Wild

Into the Wild (2007)

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Corrected entry: Immediately following the point where Chris's sister's narration mentions him as a child breaking into a neighbor's kitchen, and just before he is seen running with wild horses, there is a scene where he jumps from a cliff into a body of water. There is a wonderful underwater shot of him holding his breath, and in the background under his right arm you can see a diver's hand come into the shot. It looks like a woman's hand - it must have been one of the divers on the shoot.

Correction: The "visible hand" mentioned is actually the actor's right foot.

Corrected entry: The cause of Chris's death in the film is attributed primarily to eating by accident the wrong plant and as a result, getting poisoned. While this is a theory, it is one which an autopsy showed no evidence of. The official cause of death was starvation.

Correction: This isn't a documentary of his life. It is a dramatization.


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