Wild Things 3: Diamonds in the Rough

Factual error: The vehicles in the movie have front and back license plates. The state of Florida does not have front plates, only back.

Continuity mistake: During the presentation the heart on Marie's friends necklace keeps moving positions during different shots. Sometimes it's hanging from the left side of the heart, sometimes the right. It is extremely unlikely that the heart would move that vigorously while she is calmly sitting in a chair.

Continuity mistake: During the presentation the people in the seats in front of Elena keep changing seats at different head-on shots. There's even an additional girl that wasn't there during the first shot.

Continuity mistake: In the very beginning of the movie Marie almost hits Elena with her car in front of the school. After Elena apologizes for getting in the way, it shows her walking up the stairs, and when it zooms out to get the full shot, she has yet to start walking up the stairs, and walks up the stairs.

Continuity mistake: In the shower scene at the end when Marie and Elena are making out, Marie has her hand on Elena's breast, but when it switched to the long shot she has her hand on her arm.

Kristin Richards: You may not remember.
Elena Sandoval: But you'll never forget.

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