The Kingdom

The Kingdom (2007)

Ending / spoiler

Arabian police find a bunch of teenage terrorists and thinking they committed the crime, the team drives to the airport. As they are, a car bomb goes off and their car flips over. Another car, driven by associates of Al Hamza, comes and they kidnap Adam. The others follow him to an apartment building, kill the terrorists and save Adam. After all is said and done, Fleury discovers that a little girl's grandfather is Al Hamza. Fleury shoots him, but not before Al Hamza shoots Al Ghaza, who bleeds to death. After the team ships home, Adam asks Fleury what he said to Janet in the briefing room earlier in the movie. Fleury's response is "Don't worry, we're gonna kill them all." Back in Saudi Arabia, Al Hamza's granddaughter is asked what his last words were and she gives the exact same answer.




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