Eastern Promises

Corrected entry: In the scene where Nikolai is returning the bike to Anna at one point he pulls out a black cloth and wipes off one of the handlebars. A few seconds later however the cloth has vanished.

Correction: You said so yourself. The cloth vanished "a few seconds later", it doesn't take long to put a piece of cloth away. He could have easily put the cloth back in his coat pocket during the 4 seconds of close-up.

Corrected entry: Kirill goes to kill the baby, so the police can't use the baby's blood type to compare with Semyon's. However, the baby's blood type would have been recorded when it was born anyway.

Correction: It is not the babies' blood type he is attempting to conceal, it's the DNA. Paternity cannot be determined through blood type, only through a DNA test. Assuming there was not a sample of the babies' blood kept at the hospital, if the baby was not found there would be no way to prove Semyon was the father.

Jason Hoffman

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