The Painted Veil

Walter (Edward Norton) dies of cholera. A few years later, Kitty (Naomi Watts) is in London and her son Walter is 5 years old. They both run into Charlie and Kitty introduces her son to him. Charlie asks for a get together some time and Kitty turns him down.


Continuity mistake: As Edward Norton rises and walks away, the child that is in Naomi Watts' arms is lying on his side. The angle then changes and instantly the child is lying face up. The moment is continuous as Norton is still there, moving away. (01:47:20)


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Walter Fane: It was silly of us to look for qualities in each other that we never had.

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Trivia: This movie was the first ever Western movie that was co-produced with the Chinese Film Bureau. Shot on location in Shanghai, in southern Guangxi Province's green hills along the Li River, and on Beijing sound stages, it is also the first Western movie to be allowed to shoot entirely in China for decades, as stated by both the director, John Curran, and NPR.


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