Georgia Rule
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Rachel: We can all survive Simon, you just don't have to look so damn sad doing it.

Lilly: Dear Rachel, My mother always told me the hardest things to do in life are to trust, to have faith and to forgive so I want you to hear the strength in my voice when I say I forgive you because I love you, that's simple and that complicated to forgive is to move forward Georgia rule, Love Mom.

Lilly: I brought you a gift.
Georgia: It's lovely.
Lilly: How do you know?
Georgia: The ribbon and the paper.

Rachel: You don't look evil.
Georgia: Make-up helps.

Lilly: Oh, come on. There was a time you'd have dragged me by my hair out of here for drinking.
Georgia: I'm too old. So's your hair.

Harlan: You're a dangerous girl, aren't you?
Rachel: It depends on what you define as dangerous.
Harlan: Safer to get thrown from a horse.
Rachel: But you don't have to brush me or feed me after riding me.

Georgia: You cut your hair.
Lilly: It was getting in the way of my drinking.

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