My Left Foot

My Left Foot (1989)


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Movie Quote Quiz

Christy Brown: Fuck off.
Dr. Eileen Cole: With speech therapy, I could teach you how to say "fuck off" more.

Christy Brown: I need a light.
Mary: What?
Christy Brown: I need a light.
Mary: I don't smoke.
Christy Brown: I need a light.
Mary: I'm not deaf, I can hear you. I haven't got any matches, so you'll just have to wait here while I go and get one... Don't think I'm your mother just because I'm looking after you for the evening.
Christy Brown: I don't need a fucking psychology lesson, I just need a fucking light.

Christy Brown: I've had nothing but Platonic love all me life. Do you know what I say? fuck plato! And fuck all love that's not a hundred percent commitment.

Mrs. Brown: A broken body's nothing compared to a broken heart.

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