Anne of Avonlea

Anne of Avonlea (1987)

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Continuity mistake: After Gilbert Blythe falls in the lake with his bicycle, he and Anne run into Diana, and Gilbert's clothes and hair are perfectly dry.

Continuity mistake: When Anne begins her first class as a teacher she breaks the chalk on the board and leaves a small mark. In the following shots the mark is much bigger.

Continuity mistake: Mrs. Lynde moved in with Marilla and they are talking to Anne before she goes to a wedding. Mrs. Lynde gives Anne a red box with the wedding gift inside. After Anne leaves, the red box mysteriously reappears on the table again.

Continuity mistake: When Anne's book arrives, Marilla is reading the dedication. While the dedication says "TO Gilebert..." Marilla reads the line as "FOR Gilbert..." (01:49:31)

Other mistake: When Anne goes in for her second day of teaching and there's the illustration on the board, you see a view of the girls and an empty seat in front of Emiline. When the camera goes back, there is Jen Pringle sitting in it, and it happens again where Jen is sitting in the seat. A moment later, Jen walks into the classroom late and sits in the 'vacant' seat right in front of Emiline.

Continuity mistake: The error occurs in a scene where Anne is adding embellishment to an inspirational quote written on the blackboard. Miss Brook reprimands Anne for adding a the design to the blackboard. In the next shot, the design is different.

Continuity mistake: In the last scene when Anne and Gilbert are standing on the bridge, they kiss. In the first shot Anne tilts her head to her left and in the second shot her head is tilted to her right.

Other mistake: When Anne volunteers at the charity ball, the hostess is walking around greeting guests, and the hostess' diamond bracelet falls off her arm.

Gilbert Blythe: It'll be three years before I finish medical school. Even then there won't be any diamond sunbursts or marble halls.
Anne Shirley: I don't want diamond sunbursts, or marble halls. I just want you.

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