Trivia: During the opening musical number, Tracy passes a man on the sidewalk wearing a trench coat who then flashes the crowd; this is John Waters, the writer and director of the original 1988 version.

Trivia: As for John Travolta playing Edna Turnblad, that goes back to John Waters having often cast 'Divine' in his movies. 'Harris Glenn Milstead' was an actor best known for performing in drag as 'Divine', John Waters cast him as Edna in the 1988 version. When the Broadway musical was being cast, they cast Harvey Fierstein as Edna Turnblad, and started a tradition of casting a man in the role of the mother, so the movie is just keeping that tradition going.

Trivia: Adam Shankman, director of the movie, has a cameo appearance as the agent with the sunglasses in the Miss Hairspray pageant.

Trivia: During one of the last musical numbers, when the William Morris talent agents arrival, the female agent is played by Ricki Lake, she was the original Tracy Turnblad in the 1988 version.

Trivia: Two characters from the 1988 film do not appear in this version: Arvin Hodgepile and Franklin von Tussle. The actors who played them have both passed away: Divine in 1988 and Sonny Bono in 1998.

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Divine played both Edna and Arvin. Edna is in the 2007 film, but not Arvin.


Trivia: When Edna (John Travolta) tells Tracey that when she learns to get blood out of car upholstery it's a skill she can take to the bank, while the line was in the original broadway show before Travolta's involvement, it's now also a coincidental reference to Pulp Fiction where Travolta's character cleans brains and blood from the inside of a car.

John Cyr

Continuity mistake: When Tracy is running away from the police, there is a shot of her pushing through the crowd until she is free, but the next bird's-eye shot shows her pushing through the marchers all over again. (01:19:55)

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Motormouth Maybelle: [to Seaweed and Penny.] Oh, so this is love? [She pauses and then smiles.] Well, love is a gift, a lot of people don't remember that. So, you two better brace yourselves for a whole lotta ugly comin' at you from a neverending parade of stupid.
Penny Pingleton: [Totally serious.] So, you've met my mom?

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Question: At the end, right at the beginning of the song "Hairspray" at the pageant, Amber turns to Link and whispers, "Look, there's the agents" and it cuts to a few suit-wearing people with clipboards. My mom and I noticed that one of the women among them looked like Ricki Lake. Is it her, in a cameo? It would seem to make sense since she was in the original movie.

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