Josie and the Pussycats

Corrected entry: When the band gets their makeovers in New York, they step out of the store and they see a huge billboard picture of Josie and the Pussycats. It isn't possible that the picture would be up yet because they hadn't modeled for pictures yet with or without their new makeovers.

Correction: They could have have already had a publicity photo that they gave the company before their makeovers.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Josie is taking a bath, she does not hear the phone because her headphones are on. However, she hears the doorbell when Melody and Valerie come to the door, and she wears them while talking to them. She could have turned them off, but how would she have known to turn them off before they rang the doorbell, and if she had them turned off the whole time why was she still wearing them in the first place? Weird...

Correction: In this scene, it is assumed that Josie turned the volume of the CD down so she could hear, and converse with the manicurist. The doorbell was louder than the girl would have been, so Josie could hear it.

Corrected entry: When Josie, Mel, and Val first play their song for Wyett in the studio, they stop after the first verse. But when Wyett plays it back on the MegaSound 800, listen carefully, it goes way past the first verse.

Correction: Actually, if you listen carefully, it plays the same number of bars, it's just more noticeable because the camera doesn't move around and nothing much happens while the MegaSound plays it back, whereas when the Pussycats are playing, the view cuts between all three girls, focusing on the individuals rather than the sound.

Corrected entry: When Fiona is talking to the Feds and the Tourists, don't you think someone would notice an entire office disappear into the ground?

Correction: One would be expected to assume that a corporation as large and elaborate as Fiona's would take steps to mask this from the outside world using extra walls and most likely windows that one cannot see through from the outside.

Corrected entry: When Fiona hosts a tour of the record company, you can see the screens that say what's in and out, one screen says, 'Rock is out, rap is in.' Josie and the Pussycats play rock music, yet they still seem to be popular.

Corrected entry: In the scene just before Josie goes on stage, Fiona tries to hit Josie with the guitar, but misses and hits the computer, surely wrecking the guitar. This is apparently the same guitar that Josie uses on stage, without even a change of strings. I wish my guitar was that durable.

Correction: When Fiona smashes the guitar on the MegaSound machine, it is a bright blue guitar. When Josie is onstage, it is a completely different make, slightly larger, and black.

Corrected entry: How come only teenagers are affected by the subliminal messages? Wyatt was in the CD store while they were playing the Du Jour single, yet he wasn't affected by the subliminal messages.

Correction: Wyatt was already aware of the subliminal messages on the tracks as he was present when the messages were being recorded, so he wouldn't be susceptible.

Factual error: There is no way Josie could have heard Alan M at the concert. First of all, she has a headphone in her ear, so she can hear herself sing, and second, the crowd is so loud, it's hard to hear people in the front row, never mind several rows back where Alan M was bodysurfing.

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Melody: The walls are mushy.

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Trivia: During the plane ride, right after Wyatt gives the girls their record deal, Alexander asks his sister "I still don't know why you're here." She answers by saying, "Because I was in the comic book." Josie and the Pussycats was a TV show and a comic book in the early 70s.

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