Seraphim Falls

Three years previously Gideon led a group of Union Army/Jayhawkers to capture Colonel Morsman Carver for his part in the Civil War. When his wife, Rose wouldn't cooperate they torched Carver's home...but his followers did not inform him that Carver's youngest child was still in the house, Rose ran in to save her child and in the process become trapped inside the upstairs room, unable to break open a window and get out. Seeing his mother and sibling in trouble, Morsman's adolescent son Danny ran in after his mom, only for burning falling rafters to trap him on the stairs. Morsman Carver couldn't save any of them from the inferno as several Gideon's fellow soldiers were dragging him away despite the family in peril. Carver managed to escape arrest and has been hunting Gideon down ever since with his posse of mountain men. Gideon drops a knife on Pope's head whilst in a tree, then cuts Pope open to keep potential frostbite on his hands at bay. He then finds a slain bear still stuck in a conibair trap. He rigs it too a tree branch to catapult it into one of his ends up striking the youngest of the group (known only as Kid)...who is then finished off by Gideon. As he's leaving the American Rockies he then encounters three fleeing murderous bandits (Brothers Evan, Virgil & there Cousin Bill, who is awe-struck on seeing Gideon and states of how he saw him in battle, where he walked away completely untouched, whilst all those around him...including his sons died). Hotheaded Virgil wants no eyewitnesses and slips away to do Gideon in...only to be struck in the neck by a flung hunting blade. His remaining pursuers soon come across Virgil, with the tracker of the group Parsons cutting his losses and deserting Carver & Hayes insisting that he'll get a better price from Virgil's bounty than what Carver is promising them for Gideon. Enraged Morsman guns down Parson's horse before leaving him stranded in the Savannas. When his horse collapses of severe dehydration Gideon grudgingly puts his beast down, then opens up it's belly to evade the heat. When Hayes & Carver come across said carcass, Gideon springs out from beneath it and holds a knife to Hayes throat. Carver responds by trying to shoot through him (with his only remaining bullet) in order to hit Gideon (without success), with Hayes being flung into Carver before collapsing to die from blood loss from his bullet wound whilst Gideon subdues Carver. Eventually both wind up in a desert overseen by Madame Louise C. Fair (geddit?) a *snake oil seller* who interacts with them both separately trading a bullet & a pistol with only one shot for their horses & water. Gideon shoots Carver in the side but cannot bring himself to finish his pursuer off. He sincerely apologies profusely for Carver's loss and solemnly states he was deceived by his own soldiers who'd kept back the truth behind that war crime back in Seraphim Falls as he helps Carver to his feet. Gideon then sticks his knife into the ground and Carver oddly drops his gun beside Gideon's knife. Both then stumble off in opposite directions...disappearing into the horizon.


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Gideon: Your sister, she don't take kindly to thieving. There's plenty of time for that when you grow up.

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