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Factual error: Towards the end, the Oregon license plate on a Ford is shown. The plate reads "WIE 1Z0". Oregon does not use the letters "I" or "O" on its license plates as they may be mistaken for "1" or "0". (01:28:00)

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Suggested correction: Filmmakers usually substitute fictional information for addresses, phone and drivers licenses for privacy and liability reasons. For instance the '555' exchange is often used for phone numbers since that exchange does not exist in the USA. By using the 1 and the 0 on the license, there is no possibility that a real license number could be identified.

The "555" analogy is wrong since the mistake is saying Oregon wouldn't use the numbers, so it would be like having a phone number with letters or the wrong amount of numbers (both of which would also prevent a real number being used).


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Factual error: The movie was meant to be set in Oregon, but it was actually filmed in Shreveport, Louisiana. In the scene that has Tracy leaving the apartment complex where Bafford (Mr. Smith) is, she is worried that she is being chased by a jogger who may possibly be Mekes. In the background, during the shot where the jogger first appears, a brown sign can be seen. These specific signs are unique to Louisiana and describe the history of certain locations, this one obviously being Shreveport.

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Mr. Brooks: Before I was the Thumb Print Killer, I killed a lot of people, in a lot of different ways.

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Trivia: At about 1.48, while Mr. Brooks is reading a paper in a diner, the newspaper - USA Today - has only the headlines and first few lines written in English. The rest is in Latin. You can see it on the Bluray disc.

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Question: Does the ending mean that the policewoman gives up on her hunch?

Answer: No, she didn't give up. When "Smith" called Detective Atwood, she realised that it was a different voice (Brooks) and that the police may have fingered the wrong person. She was not the type who would let this go.

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