The Enemy Below
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Captain Murrell: I have no idea what he is, what he thinks. I don't want to know the man I'm... trying to destroy.

Von Stolberg: We build 'em good in Germany, eh Heine?

'Heinie' Schwaffer: I don't see how we could have missed at that close range.
Von Stolberg: We shouldn't have. This American captain is no amateur. Well, neither am I.

bmsn Robbins: Hey Corky, how do you suppose the captain knew when to turn this old tub?
bmsn Corky: Because he's the captain, and that's the reason he is and you ain't.

Doctor: I guess you're finding the Sun kind of hard to take, after the North Atlantic.
Captain Murrell: Oh, it doesn't matter. It's always either too cold or too hot, wherever there's a war on.

Von Stolberg: Never think, Heinie. Be a good warrior and never think. You pay penalty for thinking. You cannot rest.

Other mistake: Near the beginning of the movie, at the same time the ship makes radar contact, the sub acquires a signal on its oscillator. The sub captain thinks it's a false echo due to the rough seas. He so advises the next man that comes on duty but tells him that if the signal appears to get any closer, "you will awaken me immediately." The captain isn't awakened until the "dive" alarm sounds after the men in the conning tower make visual contact with the ship. Wouldn't the oscillator signal closing in on the sub have warned them long before they made visual contact?

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Trivia: The number of the (fictional) USS Haynes is DE-181. This number was actually used for the USS Straub - an actual Cannon Class escort destroyer.

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