The Legend of Billie Jean

Corrected entry: When Mr. Pyatt takes Billie Jean upstairs, he grabs a handful of cash. He puts down some bills and you can see four $10 bills, yet Billie Jean remarks, "Fifty dollars?" (00:16:30)


Correction: When Mr. Pyatt lays down the money, two $10's are stuck together/on top of each other. Look at the bottom/edge of the money. You can see the four tens & under one of them you can see the edge of the fifth one.

Corrected entry: When Lloyd jumps out of the window, he falls into the pool, seemingly without going down the slide, but the pool is too far away from the building to reach it without the slide.

Correction: The slide is a few inches below the window. He only made it look like he jumped out the window to throw a scare to the others but when they look out the window you can just see him entering the pool from the bottom of the water slide.


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