Perfect Stranger

Perfect Stranger (2007)

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Visible crew/equipment: During the scene where Harrison raises his fist to Rowena, there is a brief moment when you can see what looks like a shadow of a boom mike and crew member behind Rowena's head on the ground behind her. (01:16:35)

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Continuity mistake: When Ro eats the tub of ice cream, the way it faces and the amount in the tub continues to differ.

Audio problem: Harrison hears Ro's phone yet it's on silent mode.

Continuity mistake: The rims on Harrison's BMW change, from the time they leave the restaurant to when he pulls over under the bridge.

Continuity mistake: When Ro is arguing with her boyfriend her dress is unzipped. When they are done, she walks away and her dress is zipped up.

Factual error: The Motorola RAZR's SMS beep only happens in a very long interval - not like the one in the restaurant scene, where it was virtually just like a ringtone. Even given the possibility that it's a custom tone, the RAZR doesn't ring that long between beeps.

Continuity mistake: Rowena stabs Miles with her arm down, low in his stomach. When we see him on the floor, however, the knife is high in his ribcage. Not only is this inconsistent, but it would be impossible for the large knife to go into his breastbone where it is shown. (01:36:00)


Factual error: Harrison stresses the authenticity of the Hemingway daiquiris at this particular bar. Rowena gives the recipe for the authentic Hemingway daiquiri as "1 oz rum, 1 oz lime juice, 1 oz simple syrup, a splash of grapefruit, a splash of grenadine". Proportions aside, it should contain Maraschino liqueur (cherry flavor) not grenadine (pomegranate flavor). Cane syrup would be more authentic than simple syrup, but forgivable. The drink should be barely pink and served in a cocktail/martini glass (Ro's recipe only makes 4 oz). They are shown drinking a very large, very pink, possibly frozen drink from a pina colada glass.


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