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It Takes Two (1988)

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Corrected entry: Diane & Amanda start out the movie with New York accents during the street baseball game. These disappear after the game, never to be heard again.


Correction: Amanda was most likely accentuating her "New York accent" because she was on the streets playing with all her friends. You can still hear a trace of it in the rest of the movie. Diane never had a New York accent.

Corrected entry: When Amanda visits Alyssa's home on a bet, she sees Clarice in a mask with her hair in a towel. Then, when she runs into Alyssa, Amanda says, 'Who was that scary blonde woman?' She never saw Clarice's hair so how could she know it's blonde?

Correction: Amanda knew Clarise's hair was blonde because she saw her picture on the wall.

Corrected entry: When Amanda and Alyssa first meet and they are running through the woods there is one shot where Alyssa was asked about Clarice. When she starts to answer, all of a sudden she is sitting down and the leaves that were in her hair from running into Amanda and falling to the ground are no longer there.

Correction: It's a skip forward in time. When Alyssa sits down and says "She's absolutely horrid", she's told Amanda all about Miss Kensington off camera.

Corrected entry: When Alyssa calls Amanda at the hotel (or wherever she is), how did she know where to call if she didn't know about her father's wedding until Amanda told her?

Correction: It isn't a hotel, but probably their penthouse in the city, because when the the butler is relaxing in the office you can see things that are personal to the family.

Continuity mistake: When the father goes out riding he hits his head on a tree branch. In the next scene, the wound is on the other side.

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Wheel: The Constitution wasn't written on an etch-a-sketch, but every once in a while you gotta twist the knobs a little.

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