Let's Go to Prison

Let's Go to Prison (2006)

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Corrected entry: While realism was obviously not a huge priority for the filmmakers, the prison conditions border on absurd. Anyone who has ever even remotely studied prisons can tell you that you can't (among many things) wander around at will, have lethal poisons, etc. The most laughable of all are the numerous times when curtains are put over cell doors to obscure the view in; this would earn you an immediate search and probably a trip to solitary in a real prison.

Correction: The prison conditions do not 'border on absurd' they ARE absurd, and that is intentional for comedy's sake. 'Anyone who has even remotely studied prisons'? Anyone who has been to any kind of jail at all can tell you that you can not visit each others cells, wander around at will, or have METAL eating utensils, etc. Come on, REALLY?.

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