Becoming Jane

Jane Austen and Thomas Lefroy live their life without each other. Later, we can see an older Jane attending to a little opera show, at the end she recognizes Tom Lefroy going out fastly of the place as he saw Jane. Henry brings his old friend to his sister. As they meet again for the first time since they left eachother, Tom presents his daughter to Jane, who is now a big fan of the author. Tom named his daughter Jane. At the end, Jane is reading her novel called "First impression" (that became later, pride and prejudice) at Jane, Thomas Lefroy's daughter.


Factual error: It's late 18th, possibly early 19th century and, as Jane and her sister walk along the beach, a construction crane is visible on the horizon.

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Mrs. Radcliffe: To have a wife who has a mind is considered not quite proper. To have a wife with a literary reputation nothing short of scandalous.

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