Bridge to Terabithia

Corrected entry: In the scene where The Aaron's family and Leslie are leaving church, the truck is first seen driving past a speed limit sign in the lane "oncoming" to the viewer. At the end of the same scene, the truck is seen driving down the same road, past the same speed limit sign, but is in the opposite lane, driving away from the viewer.

Correction: Why can't there be a speed limit sign on both sides of the road, in the same location?

wizard_of_gore Premium member

Corrected entry: When Jesse and Leslie are helping Miss Edmonds carry the boxes, the teacher's hair is cut in a short bob. A couple of days later, it's long again, past her shoulders.

wizard_of_gore Premium member

Correction: Ms. Edmunds's long hair is pulled into a side ponytail during that brief scene; her hair length is consistent with the rest of the film.

Super Grover Premium member

Corrected entry: Several times in the movie, the dog is not taken with them on the walk/run to the river or across the river into Terabithia, but it appears with them on the other side.

Correction: When Prince Terrian (the dog) is with Jesse and Leslie in "Terabithia" the dog is either shown being carried by Jesse, as they cross the creek, or in other scenes their actual entrance to "Terabithia" (by crossing the creek) is not even seen onscreen, so those scenes pickup with P.T. and the kids already there.

Super Grover Premium member

Corrected entry: AnnaSophia Robb must have been, um, well, going through puberty as this movie was filmed. Her breasts appear and disappear repeatedly between scenes, and certainly not in chronological order. It looks like the vest she wore in some scenes was an attempt to hide this change.

Correction: Not necessarily. The type of clothing worn, even in an adult woman, will affect how her body appears. Loose clothing, even a different cut of a top, can make breasts appear larger, and tighter clothes or types make them look smaller. If the woman is having menses it can affect breast size. Even if she was going through puberty, it can hardly be a movie mistake, her character would be going through the same circumstances regardless.

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