Continuity mistake: After the scene where Sara and Maria tie up Quentin and take pictures of him naked, when they are leaving the hotel with Quentin tied up, Sara's hair is just below her shoulders, but the whole movie her hair is to her waist.


Factual error: While the film is supposedly set in the late 19th Century, the locomotive is oil-fired. The tender carries neither wood nor coal. There is no way the Mexican National Railroad would possess oil-burning locomotives in this time period.

Factual error: Within the first couple minutes, during the exam of the body they use a cotton swab. Cotton swabs were invented in 1920 while the movie is set around 1880.


Quentin Cooke: Besides, you're not alone.
Sara Sandoval: Right. A gun-happy farm girl, an ugly dog, a wet-behind-the-ears cop and a spoiled brat. What a team.

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